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Onyx's Origins

Onyx was born from the belief that modern-day transportation is ready for a generational upgrade by combining aerial, legged, and wheeled modes of movement in a singular vehicle.


In the fall of 2020, Founder and CEO Ted Lutkus was pursuing a robotics PhD in the RIVeR lab at Northeastern University under his advisor and mentor Taskin Padir. The goal of his PhD was focused on validating an innovative idea that could unlock cost-effective vehicle-scale robots. After his first semester, it became clear that this technical foundation for vehicles with multiple modes of movement was not only possible but ready for implementation. Ted dropped out of his PhD, with the continued mentorship of Taskin, to work full-time on the groundwork of multimodal vehicles alongside his longtime friend and experienced med-tech CEO Todd Roberts, in a homemade garage machine shop.

Onyx was incorporated in February 2022, with Taskin and RIVeR lab's support as an academic collaborator. Onyx continues to push rapidly towards multimodal vehicles and a better future for humanity.


Ted Lutkus
Founder and CEO

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Todd Roberts

Co-Founder and CEO

ATDev Inc.

Academic Collaborators

Taskin Padir, PhD

Director, Institute for Experiential Robotics

Northeastern University

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