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Onyx is amplifying robot performance while decreasing cost, ushering in a new era of automation.

Onyx has created a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that seamlessly amplifies strength and speed during the task at hand. Our CVT’s power density, responsiveness, and low cost are key drivers for the next generation of hardware in robots and machines.

Our core technology.


We are excited to work with companies who want to lead their industry with cutting-edge hardware innovation.

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Meet the Visionaries Behind Onyx

Ted and Anthony crossed paths in 2018 during their internship at Amazon Robotics in North Reading, MA, where their shared passion for robotics ignited a powerful partnership. United by a common vision, they firmly believe that robots hold the key to eliminating inefficiencies, addressing health hazards, and reducing the soaring costs of manual labor. Together, they are driving innovation at Onyx to make this vision a reality.

Co-Founder & CEO



Ted Lutkus started as a PhD candidate in robotics in the RIVeR Lab at Northeastern University when he was recruited as Lead Roboticist for an exoskeleton startup called ATDev. After growing ATDev's robotics technology from Seed to Series A, and carrying out R&D on CVT's for robotics on the side, Ted was ready to combine his technical and leadership experience to cofound Onyx.

Co-Founder & COO



Anthony Tamer brings years of expertise in supply chain management and business operations. His passion for robotics was ignited during his 2018 internship at Amazon Robotics, where he discovered the transformative potential of automation. His skillset equips Onyx to drive innovation, eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance operational excellence. 

12 Channel St, 202

Boston, MA 02210

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